AFCON marchers
AFCON marchers
Stop TB event
STOP TB event
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Ms. Tumi Mbengo talking to participants at the 45th Union Conference on World Lung Health

The USAID TB Program South Africa is excited to announce that we will once again have a significant present at this year’s Union World Conference on Lung Health, which is being held in Barcelona, Spain from October 28 – November 1, 2014.

The theme for this year’s event - Community-Driven Solutions for the Next Generation – aptly reflects the work that TB Program South Africa has accomplished over the past five years in engaging community organizations and health workers from across the health system in in effective TB prevention, control, care, and treatment programs.

The TB Program South Africa will be featured at booth #27, alongside with the TB CARE II Malawi and Bangladesh, the Georgia Tuberculosis Prevention Project and other TB projects from Swaziland, Vietnam, and Indonesia that are led by our implementing partner University Research Co., LLC. (URC). The TB Program South Africa will be sharing their experience and best practices during a number of conference events.

The USAID Tuberculosis (TB) Program South Africa is issuing a request for quotes (RFQ) for media planning and booking of Out of Home Media for a Communication Campaign on Tuberculosis (TB).

The term "out-of-home media" refers collectively to all forms of media outside the home that carry advertising messages for consumer audiences. This term encompasses many things; from the large bulletins and posters we encounter on streets and highways to the panels we see near stores, on transit vehicles, rail or subway platforms, on bus shelters, in airports, and in shopping malls.

We are seeking an organization for planning, negotiating and buying Out of Home media time. The services are required for sourcing of varied forms of media (community activations that include transit media) to form a backdrop in support of the project’s national media (radio and television) campaign - WE Beat TB.

Please download the...

The USAID Tuberculosis (TB) Program South Africa is issuing a request for quotes (RFQ) for media planning, and booking television and radio air time for our Communication Campaign on TB.

We are looking for selected group(s) to buy media time for placing public service announcements (PSAs) covering targeted TB messages during specific times on radio and television.

Please download the full RFQ for more information.

All questions regarding this must be submitted by October 28, 2014 .

Submission deadline: October 31,2014.

Please contact Ms. Lerato Legoabe for more information: and also cc Ms. Manith Hang

Grantee Spotlight

Since 2009, TB Program South Africa has provided 85 grants to 67 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in all nine provinces in South Africa. The project is currently on its 4th wave of funding, and more grantees are being added all the time.

Many grantees have pioneered innovative models of service delivery and community outreach, such as injection teams for MDR-TB patients and door-to-door TB and HIV screening, which can serve as models for other organizations working to combat TB and TB/HIV throughout the country, particularly among vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations.

To learn more about the TB Program South Africa Small Grants Program, check out the grantee spotlight booklet here:

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