February 2016

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Story Mobile health Patient retention system for drug resistant patients: A pilot in Nelson Mandela Metro Bay, Eastern Cape

The South African National Department of Health (NDoH) has set a new target of 90% treatment success rate of all clients initiated on treatment. However, in 2013, the treatment success rate among new patients with drug-sensitive TB in South Africa was 77%, well below the World Health Organization (WHO) target of 85%.

13 Jul 2016 23:03
Story 'We Beat TBCampaign' changes public perception on TB in South Africa

The USAID Tuberculosis (TB) South Africa Program funded ‘We Beat TB’ mass media campaign is reaping the desired outcomes.
The USAID TB South Africa Program implemented the ‘We Beat TB Campaign’ in 2009. During that time, the National Communication Survey showed that there were low levels of knowledge about TB compared to HIV in South African communities.

24 Mar 2016 21:02