Aurum Institute for Health Research

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The Aurum Institute is a non- government organization (NGO) established in 1998 by AngloGold Ashanti to research the surveillance, treatment and management of epidemic, occupational and other diseases occurring amongst mineworkers.  Aurum focuses on the on TB and HIV prevention, treatment and care.

DCS Integrated TB and HIV services into correctional centers; worked to strengthen the 3I's policy at the primary care clinic level including awareness raising of TB/HIV co-infection; trained government health workers on TB/HIV care; and provided support for reporting, registering, and recording TB/HIV patients to health care facilities
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Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom Correctional Centres in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District, North-West Province

Aurum Institute worked in 4 correctional facilities in the Bonjala District of North-West province.  Correctional facilities were reported to have a cure rate 10% lower than the national average. Some main activites included active case detection, INH preventative therapy and TB infection control.  They trained correctional centre healthcare workers in infection control and intensified case finding and IPT implementation.  By working with Correctional Services, Aurum Institute helped alleviate the burden on the District Health Authority.

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