Operation Hunger

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Operation Hunger has been working in the rural and underserved areas of South Africa for 30 years.  Its extensive network and infrastructure provides its staff with unique access to vulnerable people in the most remote areas. The organization is deeply involved in communities where the main causes of malnutrition, death and unemployment due to disability or illness are Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. During the last ten years Operation Hunger has worked in TB projects with DOTS and in educating communities both in the Northern Cape areas of Douglas and Kimberley and in the Eastern Cape areas of the Tsitsikamma and Langkloof. These both entailed the development of skills in families and communities affected by TB and AIDS as well as training of carers and patients

Provided education and feeding of patients on treatment and concomitant education of their families, care givers and communities in the prevention of TB and AIDS in good nutrition and in the ongoing production of food for a sustainable lifestyle; identified communities in educational activities such as nutrition workshops and self-help projects
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Ugu District in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Khavelitsha in Western Cape