Philanjalo - MDR

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Philanjalo was founded in 1998 and operates from Tugela Ferry, a village at the heart of the Msinga sub district identified as one of the 10 poorest areas in South Africa. They provide community level services for HIV and TB patients and has focused on integrating HIV/TB services for a decade. In addition, they also provide HIV testing services, screen community members for TB, and monitor patients on TB and HIV therapy to evaluate for side effects and complications. They are focused strongly on health education of the patients to improve compliance and overall outcomes. Philanjalo also working in collaboration with Department of Health to provide a comprehensive care package addressing the complex needs to effected and affected HIV and TB people in the community.

Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR) To identify patients at the community level with HIV, TB, MDR/XDR TB and link them with clinical care and monitor their clinical outcomes
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Msinga sub district of UMzinyathi (District 24), KwaZulu-Natal