Quakeni Empowerment Centre

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The Qaukeni Empowerment Centre Tuberculosis Programme was formed in 2007  to provide enhanced adherence support to people living with TB and advocate for expanded and improved TB services in Lusikisiki, a rural area in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, with a population of over 150,000. The organization encourages people to test for HIV, particularly TB suspects and TB patients because of the HIV/TB co-infection.

Provided education to patients presenting to clinic on the importance of knowing one's status(TB and HIV);prepared patients for to TB Treatment; provided ongoing adherence counseling for people on TB treatment; educated people about the importance of adherence to TB treatment; monitored adherence to TB treatment; facilitated support groups of people living with TB; organized tracing of people on TB treatment who have defaulted on treatment; organized community outreach about TB and HIV
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Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape