Nkathalo Wellness

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Nkathalo Wellness is a non-profit organization established in 2010 to provide wellness services to the employees in Lonmin mines. Nkathalo is part of Nkathalo Traders Pty LTD, a for profit company rendered TB/HIV services to employees and registered family members paid for by the Platinum mines thus it was not available to the mining communities at large.

To provide TB/HIV and MDRTB management services to communities surrounding Platinum mines. Specifically, provide community MDR-TB management; improve treatment compliance by providing outpatient care and monitoring; intensify TB case finding and reporting; increase uptake of INH prophylaxis in the public sector; improve HIV care among TB patients; ensure that community members know their HIV status; improve TB treatment compliance
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Areas Served: 
Gauteng, North-West, and Mpumalanga