South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) (GENEXPERT)

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The Medical Research Council (MRC) is a statutory research body established in 1969 by an Act of Parliament. It is considered one of Africa’s top science councils. The MRC’s Unit for Clinical and Biomedical TB Research has provided scientific leadership in the fields of clinical, pharmacokinetic, microbiological, molecular and epidemiological research.  The Unit has also conducted various community based TB projects.

To compare the outcomes and cost-effectiveness in three models of care: centralized, decentralized and community -based for MDR-TB patients; to determine if there is a difference in the use of geneXpert in a general population and in a population with high levels of drug-resistant TB and HIV; To determine whether all patients diagnosed as having rifampicin-resistant-TB with geneXpert should be started on MDR-TB treatment
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