Welcome to TB South Africa Project Grantee Online Training!

These online training courses were developed by the USAID-funded TB South Africa Project for its NGO grantees to refresh their basic understanding of TB and help manage their TB/HIV projects.

The courses are meant for project professionals to learn more about:

  • The administrative and financial management of small grants projects;
  • NGO technical and monitoring responsibilities, including project requirements and how to write workplans, indicators, and progress reports; and
  • Key information about tuberculosis – including diagnosis, control, prevention, treatment, TB/HIV and MDR.

Each course can be completed within an hour and includes several lessons that focus on discrete topics. The courses are designed to be taken online, and they are accessible thereafter for your future reference. While taking the course, you will be asked several knowledge questions so that you can be sure that you understand the concepts. After completion of each course, you will earn a completion certificate.

To get started, please click on the individual course links (the titles of the courses) below:


Administrative and Financial Management of Small Grant Projects

Lesson 1: Financial Management

Lesson 2: Human Resources

Lesson 3: Procurement/Branding & Marking

Lesson 4: Project Close-out


NGO Technical and Monitoring Responsibilities

Lesson 1: Overview of Technical Activity Reporting Requirements

Lesson 2: How to Write Workplans, Indicators, and Progress Reports


Key Information about Tuberculosis

Lesson 1: Tuberculosis Burden, Control and Prevention

Lesson 2: Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis

Lesson 3: TB/HIV & MDR


These on-line, distance learning courses have been developed by University Research Co. LLC and BEA Enterprises, Inc.