Beach Front Pics

A crowd with two people in wheel chairs in the front.
Two groups of people carrying banners in front of a crowd.
People parading with banners and posters.
A man in a red and cap and a woman in a yellow shirt.
A man filming the parading crowd of people.
Four ladies carrying a stop TB and HIV banner.
Three people carrying a We are stopping TB banner.
Two groups carrying TB and HIV banners.
A women in a green shirt helping carry a banner.
Women carrying a banner leading a parade.
A man in a red t-shirt and a man in a yellow t-shirt.
People carrying a banner and posters.
A man in a wheel chair with the people with a banner.
People holding two separate banners.
Closeup of Stop TB in my lifetime banner.
Man being pushed in a wheel chair in front of the parade.
A man in a green sweatshirt walking in front of the parade.
Large group of people in a parade.
Two kids carrying a box in the front of the parade.