Cape Winelands TB walk 19 March 2013

Western Cape
A group of children with orange vests.
Three men standing together.
A group of children with posters on their shirts.
Ladies with blue skirts.
People performing on a stage.
People on a stage.
A lady with a group of children.
A group of ladies and a group of children marching.
Stop TB advertisement banner.
Two boys holding a poster.
Man in a pink shirt with a microphone.
Group of children in uniforms.
Truck with TB advertisement on the side.
Group of children with their heads bowed.
Children watching a performance on stage.
Crowd of children in front of a stage.
Lady in an orange skirt on a stage with another lady.
Man in a green shirt with another man on a stage.
Two men and a lady on a stage.
Man in a denim shirt singing with another man.
Two men dancing on a stage.
People under an awning.
Man and woman with white shirts on a stage.
Lady with a microphone.
Five people dancing on a stage.
Crowd of children.
Small group of children.
Group of people in a parking lot.
Stage decorated with a TB is Curable banner.