North West
Four men on a stage wearing white t-shirts and caps.
A group of people watching men on a stage.
People with umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun.
A man on a stage talking to a crowd of people.
Five people on a stage being watched by a crowd.
Adults and a small child watching people on a stage.
A man talking to four other people on the stage.
A man and a woman jumping in the air on a stage.
A man wearing yellow pants and a green shirt with two people on a stage.
A lady wearing a blue t-shirt on a stage with a child.
A man with a microphone talking to a lady with a football.
Two people on a stage kicking up their right leg.
A sign on the front of a building says SPAR.
A group of mostly young people watching a stage performance.
A group of people standing behind a football.
A ball target with six holes to kick the football through.
A group of people watching a boy kick a football.
Two performers in white on a stage.
A lady in a crowd with a baby on her back watching a performance.
Two boys looking at a poster propped against a stage.
People standing near a stage with two people on it.
People watch a group of young ladies perform in front of a stage.
A group of young ladies performing a dance in front of a stage.
A woman on a stage speaking to a small crowd.