Western Cape
A woman wearing a blue cap and a blue print blouse.
Two women seated at a table with paperwork.
A group of specimen bottles with purple caps on a table.
A lady seated at a table writing on a paper.
A woman standing next to woman with a specimen jar.
A seated man in a leather jacket reading a brochure.
The TB is Curable logo on the back of a woman's t-shirt.
Two seated women in colorful clothing.
A seated man wearing a blue jacket and light cap.
A group of seated and standing people.
A woman standing with a man in a blue jacket and glasses.
A woman with a colorful print blouse.
A seated lady with her hand on the side of her neck.
A curly haired lady sitting in a chair by a wall.
Two women standing in a garden.
A women wearing a black blouse and head scarf.
A woman watching another woman write on a pad.