AIDS Conference-F4L

Footballers For Life
Free State
Backs of two men wearing black t-shirts.
Man with his face next to a football held by another man.
Football group picture.
Man standing next to a poster.
Men walking across a basketball court.
Group of children on a stage.
Group of children holding blue bags on a stage.
Adults and children standing a stage.
A man in a group on stage with his hand out to a child.
Man with a football and lady.
Man on a basketball court in front of a building and cars.
People holding a banner.
Man with a football talking to a lady with red pants.
Back view of mans t-shirt.
Adults and kids holding a banner.
Three men standing under a basketball hoop.
Man with a red hat watching people.
Man playing ball with a child.
Man in black walking on a basketball court.
Group of people with two yellow footballs.