Homes on a hillside.
Tree with homes in the background.
Man with a plaid shirt sitting on a chair.
Field of small plants.
Water sprinkler in a field.
Lady wearing a hat sitting next to a wall of photos.
Lady wearing a white blouse.
Seated Lady wearing a blue skirt and black blouse.
Group of seated people.
Three ladies seated with a fan on a table behind them.
Four seated people and two wearing hats.
Two seated people wearing hats from a side view.
Two seated ladies and one wearing a bright blue blouse.
Yellow building with characters painted on it.
An old one story building.
A truck parked in front of a building with a slanted roof.
Health care centre sign.
Seated lady wearing glasses and a man wearing a cap.
Seated lady wearing a black blouse and holding a pen.
Seated man wearing a blue shirt and holding a pen.
A persons hand writing on a tablet on a table.
Group of people sitting at a table.
Seated lady wearing glasses and a white blouse.