Union Day 5

Union Workshop
Eastern Cape
A large group of seated and standing people by a poster.
Four women and two men writing on paperwork at a table.
Three women and a man seated at a round table.
A large group of people seated at many round tables.
Tree women sitting and a man standing in front of a poster.
Three women seated in front of a USAID poster.
Two men and a woman working on paperwork at a table.
A woman wearing a brown turtleneck sweater.
A woman wearing yellow blouse and black turtleneck.
A seated man wearing a red and white striped shirt.
A woman wearing a white jacket with big brown buttons.
A man wearing a light orange shirt.
A young lady with long dark hair writing on a paper.
Two seated women wearing white blouses and glasses.
A woman wearing an orange blouse with a laptop in front of her.
A woman wearing glasses and a white jacket.
Two women seated at a table with a woman standing beside them.
A woman wearing a white ruffle blouse writing with a pen.
A woman wearing a black sweater seated at a table.