Breede River Hospice (BRH)

Grantee Information: 

BRH was established in 1999 with a focus on providing palliative care in Langeberg municipal area in Western Cape. They expanded their services to include chronic illness, tuberculosis (TB) and HIV patients in 2004. BRH also provides medical equipment such as wheelchairs, commodes, and mattresses. BRH’s mission is to promote quality palliative care through education, training, mentoring and supervision in collaboration with network partners. BRH was awarded a five star rating by the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa. This allowed them to operate a Centre for Palliative Learning where they have skilled trainers teaching other health care workers. BRH’s has an average of 350 patients per month.

To support a community-based case detection and directly observed treatment (DOT) ensuring that patients referred to them are following the recommended treatment regime. Also, BRH wants to reduce TB burden by strengthening the government’s health system through educating and supporting the communities; along with collaborating with network partners.
Term of Grant: 
06/15/13 -0 6/14/14
Areas Served: 
Nkqubela township of Robertson in Western Cape