Durban University of Technology (DUT)

Grantee Information: 

DUT is an academic institution located in Durban. It is a result of the merging of ML Sultan and Technikon Natal technological schools in 2002. DUT provides both vocational and academic classes to its students. In addition, DUT has a Research and Postgraduate Support Directorate that focuses on managing the university’s research activities and supporting the academic and research staff through research management and development systems, organizing research capacity building initiatives, and providing research support and incentive structures.

To increase the capacity of the Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) at the community grassroots levels to reduce and prevent deaths due to HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and tuberculosis (TB) infections and ensuring a high quality of life for the infected and affected people of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).
Term of Grant: 
5/15/13 - 5/14/14
Areas Served: 
KwaZulu-Natal districts of Amajuba and Zululand