Gwebindlala HIV/AIDS Organization

Grantee Information: 

The Gwebindlala HIV/AIDS Organisation (Gwebindlala) is a non-profit organization in Eastern Cape Province established in August 2004. The overall mission of Gwebindlala is to provide education and training to families of people living with AIDS (PLWA) and the community at large. They also provide home- based care services for for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and PLWAs.

To create a safe and healthy environment free of TB and to decrease and reduce the number of TB infections. Their program’s objective is to identify TB suspects in the Buffalo City sub-district for screening and treatment; and to conduct educational campaigns to promote earl referrals for screenings.
Term of Grant: 
4/2/13 - 4/1/14
Areas Served: 
Buffalo City sub-district