Siloah Lutheran Hospital

Grantee Information: 

Siloah Lutheran Hospital is located in Zululand district. Siloah has been operating since 1945. It operates as a TB hospital with referrals from other district hospitals in Zululand. Siloah also offers HIV, counselling, and testing (HCT) services via the Out-Patient Department (OPD) and mobile clinic to the surrounding community of about 10,000 people.

To provide treatment to MDR-TB patients at both the hospital and their homes; to improve the capacity of the MDR-TB community management and TB/MDR-TB case detection and treatment in the Abaquluis sub-district; to ensure that all HIV positive patients with MDR are on ART and monitored for possible side effects from the medication.
Term of Grant: 
6/1/13 - 5/31/14
Areas Served: 
Abaqulusi sub-district in KwaZulu-Natal