University of Pretoria (UP), Department of Family Medicine

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The University of Pretoria (UP) is the largest multi-campus public research university in South Africa. UP was established in 1908 and has seven suburban campuses. UP have more than 50,000 full-time students and part-students. The Department of Family Medicine provides an academic discipline closely associated with the District Health System at the private, public, and non-governmental organizational (NGO) levels. It provides training to post-graduate students and exposes undergraduate medical students to the various aspects of the health industry in South Africa. It provides multiple activities related to family medicine such as community-based and innovative education, emergency medicine, pain and palliative medicine.

To demonstrate how a COPC approach to deliver primary health care through Ward Based Outreach Teams (WBOT) can increase life expectancy and improve the quality of life. The objective of this study is to demonstrate how a TB intervention using the COPC WBOT model can improve TB cure rates and over time reduce the incidence of TB in communities.
Term of Grant: 
10/1/13 - 07/30/14
Areas Served: 
Tshwane District