Winterveldt HIV/AIDS Project (WHAP)

Grantee Information: 

WHAP is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in North West Province, South Africa established in 1998. WHAP was established to help patients, community members and those affected and infected by tuberculosis and HIV have access to care treatment and support services in Ward 9, 12, and 24. The organization’s overall goal is to provide quality care, counselling and support services to terminally ill patients.

To improve TB care, support and cure rates in the Winterveldt community. Their objectives include: 1) Empowering the Winterveldt HIV&AIDS project staff with knowledge and skills on TB and HIV&AIDS management; 2) reducing the spread of TB and HIV by conducing community health education events; 3) promoting treatment adherence to their TB/HIV patients and at clinics; 4) identifying TB suspects through door to door campaigns and health events; 5) strengthening their current support group by involving all patients; and 6) tracing TB defaulters identified by clinics and refer them for retreatment.
Term of Grant: 
05/15/13 - 05/14/14
Areas Served: 
Ward 9, 12 and 24 of Winterveldt